HBF Fitness getting more popular

With events for all fitness levels and ages, and twenty locations in WA, there never has been a better time to be a part of the HBF Fitness. Over 8000 people participated in HBF Fitness spring event last year. The event is free for all HBF members and it is available at a little expenses for non-members.

When reviewed following the 2013-14 season, nine people out of ten participants felt that fitness level increased as a result of the HBF Fitness. One person in two told that they want to exercise more often than they were doing earlier.

Louise Atherton, the HBF Community Wellness Manager, told the chartering a yacht in the Solent website that HBF Fitness made it convenient and fun for people to get active in summer.


She told that they are all about serving Western Australians make healthy lifestyle selections and feel great. Many of them would be using the New Year as a scope to make a healthy change and what better way than to get outdoors, have fun as well as take your fitness up a notch.

In the last 3 years, the HBF Fitness has turned very popular and it has grown from a location to twenty throughout WA, making it mush much easier for people to take part in fitness sessions.

This time, HBF Fitness is offering a series of programs, part-funded by Back to top