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HBF Fitness getting more popular

May 12th, 2015 — 12:16pm

With events for all fitness levels and ages, and twenty locations in WA, there never has been a better time to be a part of the HBF Fitness. Over 8000 people participated in HBF Fitness spring event last year. The event is free for all HBF members and it is available at a little expenses for non-members.

When reviewed following the 2013-14 season, nine people out of ten participants felt that fitness level increased as a result of the HBF Fitness. One person in two told that they want to exercise more often than they were doing earlier. Continue reading »

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Running A Marathon

September 3rd, 2014 — 10:13am

People have developed the recent fad that running a marathon will actually help reduce weight while on the contrary more than half the number of people participating in their first race has reportedly gained weight.

Facts have revealed that only forty sic percent of the total competitors in their first ever marathon have actually lost some weight. The main reason for this might be that long distance runners do not pay very good attention to their diet and indulge in more drinking and eating more than their regular capacity hoping that they have ‘burnt enough calories’ and end up adding more pounds. The majority have revealed that even though they were better in shape physically, the scales revealed that they have put on more weight. This has made people disappointed as some of them reportedly expected more visible results. Good news from the rest forty two percent who exercise at least five to six times a week have reported of satisfying weight loss.

Also weight loss was more appreciable for those sections of the people who teamed up their marathon running participation and training with a religious visit to the gym, though bizarrely one runner put his weight loss down to a holiday doing yacht chartering in Largs

The main reason for this might be that long distance runners do not pay very good attention to their diet and indulge in more drinking and eating more than their regular capacity hoping that they have ‘burnt enough calories’ and end up adding more pounds. This is because they feel they have ‘earned’ their fast foods, snacks, and alcohol after their dose of exercising. “These people feel that they have done enough for the day and end up taking in more calories than they have burnt off,” researchers have revealed. This notion needs to change. Exercising teamed with proper diet is a necessity if one wants to check their pounds.

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Nashville’s running community in shock

February 28th, 2014 — 5:21pm

On 15th January, over two hundred stalwarts of East Nasty Running Club, equipped with ponytails, dogs as well as reflective running vests, choked off the sidewalks near eleventh and Holly streets like they do it on every Wednesday in East Nashville – whether it shines or rains. Before flooding 5 points nightspots, they huddled together for warmth in below freezing temperatures.

Still, the chill regarding the proceedings was not only weather. 5 days earlier, a leading news agency had reported that about the allegations of misuse of charity funds that involves a Nashville region triathlon coach, an endurance athlete known within the running community of the city.

In 2012’s December, following Sandy Hook Elementary shooting incident, Robbie Bruce as well as others established the non-profit 26.4.26 Foundation. The primary idea, which was highly celebrated in the media, was that the runners in the marathon would hook donations for the twenty six mile runs, along with payoffs going to back Sandy Hook’s 26 victims’ families.

Even though that organization raised over US$ 100000, but as per a leading website, just US$ 30000 had been delivered as of now. Mark Miller, the East Nasty president, who knew Bruce through the foundation like many other runners, told that he believes that people have to withhold judgment till all the facts come out. You are going to give your close friends the benefit of the doubt till you could not. He has not shown up and this is totally damning.

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Runners race to help underprivileged children

December 17th, 2013 — 9:37am

Before enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner, several area families are giving back. Christie Ileto stated that Towson Turkey Trot has people sprinting for a cause. The organizers stated that this is one of the huge fundraiser and families in Maryland are pitching on Thursday.

The temperatures could be freezing, but ninth annual Towson Turkey Trot is asking around three thousand for the Thursday event. Walkers and runners, for 3.1 miles, are giving back to approximately fifty thousand underprivileged area kids with each step. Runner Nick Gault told that this is great cause and great race and he is really happy back it.

Lori Rogers, one of the organizers, told that previous year, they raised more than US$ 100000. Rogers stated that the aim is to serve struggling area families who could not offer to give their kids extra educational scopes, such as YMCA’s Journey Preschool and Camp program.

Lori added that for families who would not be able to afford child care, they have programs for them. One could imagine a family of 4 at tempting to feed and school and clothe supplies; therefore, this is what they were doing that day.

Runners stated that this is a great way to start a day of Thanksgiving.  Mona Lisa Williamson told that she wanted to back YMCA and she wanted to do something positive for the community at the same time, and this is a real good scope to combine all that together.

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