The Jeremy Lin Show vs Washington Wizards – 2.8.2012!

Washington Sports Online video Ranking: four / five

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12 Responses to “The Jeremy Lin Show vs Washington Wizards – 2.8.2012!”

  1. MrDialtone888

    why does everyone steal @shacmng’s videos?

  2. chriss790

    These commentators are Washington based. You don’t expect them to be too excited about their team getting beaten do you?

  3. eastern2western

    at this pt, any team could have high lights on the wizards and bobcats.

  4. nygv

    These commentators are boring as heck

  5. vintage816

    as always just that we emphasis on education more, thats y asian parents insist their children at least get a degree or diploma first for backup.

  6. gabe228

    Lin embarrasses John Wall again

  7. JulieChuaLover44

    Jeremy Lin on the move!

  8. Jordan Tse

    wow this commentator sucks

  9. TrendMeStore

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  10. SD G

    yeah one or two

  11. ToxikKills

    asian can play….

  12. 0011duck

    Lin is a beast

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