NBA 2k12 Association – Playoffs Round 1 vs Hawks Ep.21

Washington Sports Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “NBA 2k12 Association – Playoffs Round 1 vs Hawks Ep.21”

  1. Lthorntontre

    What ep would I find Danny granger trade

  2. duffle bag


  3. StreakPride34

    kinda feel bad for the hawks.they lost joe johnson.#REBUILDINGYEAR

  4. erris1799

    Sorry Anto, but this is the only time I hav 2 root against u. LETS GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. swggerme

    things got sloppy with rondo cuz ur sayin his name wrong

  6. Hunter Diegel

    you sir need a life.

  7. scottsdalebeast23

    if his slider are up why did he hit 37% of his 3 pointers and the cpu hit 36%. plus he only went 9/24. thats not good. evry1 gets luck egery now and then

  8. scottsdalebeast23

    if hes turnin his sliders up and u think hes a cheater why do u continue to watch him

  9. Nicholas Smith

    fantasy draft…

  10. MrGottalikemike


  11. mikecani7123

    hey how did u keep the team chemistry up?

  12. Sebastian Echeverry

    My Trailblazers after the 2012 Draft. Doing Amazing.
    PG – Austin Rivers (Pick 14), Johnny Flynn
    SG – J.R Smith, Delonte West
    SF – Nicolas Batum, Gerald Green, Kris Joseph (Pick 38)
    PF – Lamarcus Aldridge, Thomas Robinson (Pick 5), J.J. Hickson
    C – Greg Oden, Tyler Zeller (Pick 17)

  13. MrRuthlessBunsack

    how the hell did you get duncan and rondo

  14. TheJJSmith92

    your commentary is quite good but the gameplay sucks
    the last threes no way should they’ve gone in

  15. Mvpfornyc

    i like the fact that danny granger is 5-15 shooting but he made 3 buzzer beaters and 1 poster. nice sliders by the way

  16. nykfan7


  17. domschatzan

    It can’t be that fun playing with non-sim sliders, on non-HoF diff, it’s like you can’t lose…

  18. domschatzan

    Dirk is the Germanator.

  19. DropxEm

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  20. Bradley Suwienski

    get ilyasova he is good

  21. Aaron Kaplan

    ur a cheater

  22. Oliver Taylor

    u put your game sliders up or at least the 3 pointers in the fourth quarter

  23. caddyb124

    Iman Shumpert is from my hometown (Oak Park, Illinois) and he didn’t get into my high school (Fenwick, same school Cory Maggete went to and John Latner) smh he didn’t get in

  24. Mvpfornyc

    i don’t think he is playing on the lowest difficulty but the reason his shots always go in is because of the sliders


    did you do force trades or not cause the wizards aren’t that great so idk what you would trade for rajan rondo

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