NBA 2k12 Association – All-Star Game Ep.18

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25 Responses to “NBA 2k12 Association – All-Star Game Ep.18”

  1. Ben Jiang

    Whakim Noah LMFAO

  2. mazbaz24

    he did a fantasy draft

  3. mitchell parent

    i love your videos make some more

  4. Bradlikespies

    did anyone notice that at 1:01 it says that it is at the staples centre when it’s at the amway centre

  5. fraser aitken

    its a fantasy draft ya twat!!!

  6. OCGKing


  7. strongboyfahad52

    It’s Joe-Kim

  8. LilSerx

    fantasy draft 

  9. HristoKirov1100


  10. lilniggy100

    how do you only have 2 games left to play after the all-star break?

  11. Lloyd Lynch

    3:50 geerfn?

  12. Sean Stillman

    who is girfin 3:50

  13. RobloxVentures

    5:45 Well, that’s an interesting 3-point ballgame… seems like a lot more to me.

  14. ivanajonas

    play CAL with Scalabrine 😀

  15. Chris Smoove

    dude go learn grammar

  16. Kavluk

    does anyone notice when he first starts the game, it says on the screen “Staples Center – Los Angeles”.. but its in the Amway Center and the commentator says “Live from Orlando Florida in the Amway Center!” lol 2k cheese!

  17. Swag2K0

    “or should I say”…”or should I say”…”or should I say”… How about you just say it right the first time?

  18. Graham Lynch

    this is hard to watch. this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  19. Nyawafrifa

    stop putting that on other peoples channels smoove and anto to me are equal. Go put stuff like that on smooves channel not antos

  20. dmurielalonso

    Nice video and channel, I could only play on superstar difficulty in NBA Live 99.
    Since nba live 2003 are more difficult ….. sorry (google translator): (

  21. TriangleGitarre

    not realy.

  22. pokemonrules50

    basicly u copied shorty and trying 2 make it yours

  23. TriangleGitarre

    Chris SMOOOVE !!

  24. Jr Blackburn

    0:24 joakim jo kim ANTO

  25. john boyle

    whens the next video

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