HIGHLIGHTS: D.C. United vs. Chicago Fire | Oct. 4, 2013

Washington Sports activities Video clip Ranking: four / five

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18 Responses to “HIGHLIGHTS: D.C. United vs. Chicago Fire | Oct. 4, 2013”

  1. Derek Rawlings

    Johnson — spectacular match.

  2. Daniel Choi


  3. rhoddi

    Sean Johnson IS THE BEST goalie in MLS. Give the man a raise!

  4. William .A

    MVP Johnson

  5. XSANCH03

    How they won against RSL I will never know

  6. futebolista fã da América

    I couldn’t tell you myself. I watched the game and they only really had one
    good chance against them. They scored and RSL could not hit the back of the
    net after so many chances.

  7. Morpheen999

    240p woohoo who said “first” was cool

  8. Cesar Justo

    Dc has a lot of young players they need more experienced players not to old

  9. Daniel Choi

    Horrible effort my McGee

  10. Fifabeast07

    Sean Johnsons a Boss he should be the 3rd keeper at the world cup after
    Howard and Guzan.

  11. Isaac Dame

    what a performance by Sean Johnson.

  12. Joonas Pekonen

    damn johnson had a god game

  13. ohsaywhatistruth

    So HOW did RSL lose again?

  14. r0na1d09

    chicago is so inconsistent and unpredictable. you never know what the
    outcome is going to be

  15. Alex Coakley

    Anangono looked dangerous this game, looking forward to him hopefully
    coming to form. Sean Johnson though……what a game.

  16. Mathew Robles


  17. Mathew Robles

    2nd goal was a handbag

  18. MiyahHD

    Holy shit johnson better be inform this week

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