HIGHLIGHTS: Colorado Rapids vs. D.C. United | July 7, 2013

Washington Athletics Online video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to “HIGHLIGHTS: Colorado Rapids vs. D.C. United | July 7, 2013”

  1. 77atatme

    Cudicini? The rest yeah, but he is terrible

  2. luisfrozen1

    Willis the only good gk that mls has lol

  3. Kimberly Stein

    Close game I thought Colorado had it with many shots

  4. Arnaldur Ingi Stefansson

    GG to Joe Willis, he well deserved a clean sheet even though DC’s defense
    was playing poorly.

  5. zendon3


  6. victor Furtado


  7. el5capitan6

    Willis=man of the match

  8. latinodawg

    100% Willis.

  9. MethLabXplosion

    Joe Willis played a whale of a game! Saved a point for DC

  10. RoachTheIPark

    I’m a DC fan and I know that isn’t even close to true. Willis, while he
    played well here, has been pretty sporadic his whole career. Maybe this is
    a turning point and he’ll really become amazing, but I doubt it.

  11. garrettholliday

    Willis made some awesome saves!

  12. cantcool1

    Atiba 4 allstar

  13. JoMama123451234

    Man what happened to DC!? Our defending is abysmal! Looks like we’re
    getting our ankles broken every time!

  14. bouknight91


  15. Savage41502

    Carlos ruiz is a beast

  16. DistractedObserver

    Watching a DC United game shows you everything that’s wrong with soccer.

  17. Leon10017

    Ricketts, Gspurning, Cuidicini, Rimando…

  18. Parker George

    Don’t put the score in the description!

  19. louistov

    DC United fans, you prefer Willis or Hamid starting for your team right now?

  20. Yuri Vasilkevich

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