HIGHLIGHTS: Chivas USA vs. D.C. United | Sept. 8, 2013

Washington Athletics Video Score: four / five

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14 Responses to “HIGHLIGHTS: Chivas USA vs. D.C. United | Sept. 8, 2013”

  1. Herb615

    Move fucking Chivas

  2. Cesar Balderas

    Nice Chivas

  3. Nerdyboy53

    Wrong, Agudelo is way better than Torres.

  4. Bolteboy76

    Torres is the best young talent in North America

  5. DJBMINUS12345

    Oh DC u never fail to amuse me

  6. arnocardon

    is it me or is torres scoring every match?

  7. xXawezumezXx

    when chivas made the goal, it said 2-0 for a second

  8. Stardbard

    Chivas is a great team

  9. cmorales2831

    Torres with a better midfield would be even more exciting to watch. Kid is good

  10. DavieDukes VA

    What the hell guys . . . DCU disappoints me

  11. Irving Dominguez


  12. rolasckaneraz

    Ahuevo que el cubo siga haciendo goles VAMOS CUBO!

  13. ksgnyr

    What channel was this on

  14. launderground

    torres is fun to watch but the chivas midfield needs help.

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