D.C. United 2012 Goals

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25 Responses to “D.C. United 2012 Goals”

  1. Sean McPherson

    Gets me excited for next year!

  2. Sean McPherson

    +D.C. United season in review.


  3. Sean Bolden

    IT’S IN THE NET!!!

  4. cudi22294

    vamos united!!!!!!

  5. Emper0rH0rde

    Actually, they beat us 3-2 on June 24.

  6. Shawn Roberts

    “It’s in the net” :/

  7. aldo ponce-ortega

    vamos dc

  8. iBlyndsyde

    who got beat by DC in all appearances this year…

  9. VercengetorixII

    2012 was an amazing season to be a DC United fan. We were 2 goals away from
    hosting MLS Cup. (Arguably, we were the pre-purchase of a few snowplows
    away from hosting it.) It’s late December, and all I can think about is
    March. Vamos, boys. Vamos United.

  10. 9Nusret

    DC. need a new Stadion.

  11. Tommy Gelak


  12. berlin45able

    Lol how many trophies do you guys have??? Your team is GARBAGE!

  13. Ryan Grimes

    It’s in the NET!!! IT’S IN THE NET!!!!! Lol

  14. DarthCricketMan567

    THATS MY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nolan Gonzalez

    I have to watch this to remember what the fuck it feels like to score a
    goal. Good god. Get your shit together DC.

  16. Snortpugslyrs

    Dc sucks all about nyrb

  17. Emper0rH0rde

    Great compilation! And all the goals are here too!

  18. Emper0rH0rde

    I’m ready for us to give the Galaxy a good thrashing again. We haven’t
    beaten them since 2008.

  19. MK1013

    Remember that rainy evening on April 22nd when DC thrashed the Red Bulls

  20. Jstoney127

    pontius is a red bull killer!

  21. Alltothemaxgamers

    I agree, their stadium is nice, but it just looks so empty. They could make
    a 30,000 seater though and get it filled up most of the time.

  22. buzzedwithroy

    Pontius is a beast

  23. Co-coa O'Rourke

    Yay! I had no idea that Pontius scored so much! 🙂

  24. Francisco Rios

    Maybe if yalls players weren’t dummies either lol careless yellows

  25. FZealot

    We Did Very Well This Season Maybe if we didnt have the injures maybe we
    might have won the eastern conference finals

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