BdoubleO Plays NBA 2k12 – S2 E18 – vs. Washington Wizards

Washington Sports Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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22 Responses to “BdoubleO Plays NBA 2k12 – S2 E18 – vs. Washington Wizards”

  1. Mexicansmurf122

    Blake Griffin 3 times in a row?

  2. TheMRN9

    Don’t even think about changing the difficulty back, bdubz! >:( It’s fine as it is, imo.

  3. Arceushero

    If you aren’t going to do it in one episode than please keep it with 5 minute quarters.

  4. nmnayeri

    The intro is hilarious, “I cant even win a game” and then “The game is broken ” LOL

  5. MrGigidy16

    I usually find sports games boring but your commentary makes this seem almost like an actual tv game.

  6. daveysweigard

    the clippers are my team too bdubs 😉

  7. luke loes

    i love your videos

  8. kirmy1

    YAY nba is back with bdoubledouble 😀

  9. schmeed0000

    fix your difficulty scaling 2k!

  10. schmeed0000

    you’re bad!

  11. Epicshadow123456789

    watching this and blake griffen is the best way for me to see basketball for the first time 😀

  12. SupremeAwesomeShow

    I think the suspense thing works but post the halfs like on every other day so it is not to long for us to wait inbetween games

  13. Rentta

    Your commentary is so good =)

  14. loganwall1234

    @Mario68TV the people that were rookies last year or two years ago.

  15. MormonJedi1

    His are really good, but of Arkas’ 2 videos, he definitely has THE BEST!

  16. MormonJedi1

    His are pretty good, but Arkas has even better intros!

  17. McRazorBlade


  18. MrLimlam12

    BDubs has best intros without a doubt!

  19. Craig Bodys

    YAY don’t stop posting these plz

  20. TheFantasticFordy


  21. insaneintherainCE

    Who made that intro????

  22. Eric Browne

    We back baby!

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